Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hi there again,.

i'm looking for the flowery tube dress in the attachment

I wan the exact dress. Not something similar. Anyone who has it do email me at


thx a million =)

Best  Regards,


looking for these bags. exactly the same pattern and color. thanks.

YYY776-04 R209-09


~JasMine SLL~

Hey babes,
Im looking for off shoulder top, prefer in black colour, fit uk4-uk8.
any oversized tees.

off shoulder1 e822_1_bo irissinger_2056_8596635
do contact me ,

hey.i'm looking for the following black skirt. it has to be above knee-length(suitable for people that are 156cm tall), tight-fitting, it can be stretchable. it has to be something like a simple black pencil skirt, as in it gets tighter at the bottom. please refer to the following pics :) i would like to buy it if it's selling at/below rm55 with postage. if any of you have it/selling it, do mail me at thank you very much! =)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hi there,
I am looking for a similar pair of shoe like this one from Ablinc

DSCN6695 christian louboutin heels But the heels height should be between 2.5 - 4 inches. The one from Ablinc is 5 inches and it's too high for my liking.
Price should preferably be below RM90

hi, i'm looking for black leather jacket like item b on the picture from online blogshop .


i hope to own one. doesnt matter about the price but i hope it's below rm50. email me if u know k. plsss.

I am looking for kimono as the picture shown or any similar type, anyone who would like to sell?
Please do contact me at
Thanks a lot!!!! (=
Yee Ling


helooo babes,

im looking for this exact dress in the pix which is Black in colour, New. Price around or less than rm50.

Euphoria (Black).bmpEuphoria (Black)2.bmp

Also looking for a Fringe bag. Possible if its like the one from Topshop? :) Acceptable if it also has a bow/ribbon. Black/Grey(like in pix)/ Dark Coffee(like in pix)

 finge bag 

Price not more than rm55.

A all RED handbag. preferbly, length: Not bigger than 10" | height: around 6"

Price Not more than rm40.

Black & White Zebra printed stuffs (Handbag,Shorts,Legging). Anything dats zebra n would wanna sell for cheap/afforable price pls pm me :)

All NEW items yeah.No preloved pls.

Pls do send me a clear picture of the item with price n details to my email yeah :)

Really appreciate it

<3 Rielz

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


i'm looking for a long top/dress something like this!
length: about 30-40in/80-90cm
size: 12 =/
price: RM40 and below!
photo credits: Milky Cottage
thank you =)

hey there. I'm looking for these 2 items ya.
1) Exact floral mini skirt. Picture from The Kooky Thing. price about rm30.

2) Skinny jeans in this shade of grey. Picture from StyleInFlux. price about rm60.

do email me at ya. thanks! :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

hey, im looking for oversize tie dye tees. and also acid wash jeans! help meee ive been looking fr ages!

hi babe, can u help me find this peplum skirt in black? shud fit size uk10-12. and it shud be long enough (not the super mini skirts type). it shud be stretchy and have 2 tiers. price below rm50. thanks! :)

(pic credits to uberlove)

I'm looking for black fishnet tights. I want the pattern to be sort of like the fishbone pattern...I don't have a picture because the blogs that used to sell it already took down the picture. Anyway, if it's below RM20 it would be really great. Email me at Thanks!

   Hi I'm looking for
1) a Black Long Blazer or some blogshop called it the bf blazer like the one in the picture. (picture credited to Marie clarie)

2) a dark colour cotton or jean material high waisted shorts with exposed zipper or button will do too. Preferably rm40 or below with postage.
3) a purple clincher exactly like the one in the picture.

CL002 b
4) and lastly anyone selling hippie headband? I browsed beautiful Disaster but the pretty one are sold out.
  Pls email me at . thx !

Hie, I'm Verona
I'm looking for Black corset. Or Black corset look alike tube top also can.
I'm uk8.
Here are some pictures which I'm looking for something like this.

Thanks a lot =)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

hey. i'm looking for the following polka-dotted dress. i found some but think it's sorta overpriced. i would like to buy it if it's selling at/below rm30 with postage. if any of you have it/selling it, do mail me at thank you! =)

PhotoCredit to ladiesfash.

hey people :)
i'm looking for this big golden studded belt. EXACTLY like the one in the picture. price must below rm25 with postage. please email me at please & thankyou! :)
* Photo credit : lus-ciouslips

by the way, i've been serching high & low for these pair of black skinny jeans! still cant find the perfect one. Are there any e-blogshops out there selling it or maybe any of u girls who've seen them? it MUST be those super "ANKLE-TIGHT" kind :) ohya, and it must fit my height-158cm prefectly too! price must be below rm45 with postage :) please emal me at please & thankyou! :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

    Im looking for this dress in white. I saw it in some blogshop but the price is lil' pricey...Hope to get one with a reasonable price.

Bright colour orange
    Do email me at thx !!

Hey there,
I'm Vee. Are there any e-blogs out there selling any dark blue clutch that I've been searching high and low for. Or, any of you girls who've seen them? Preferably RM40 and below.

Dark Blue Suede
Oh btw, I don't mind pre-loved too, as long as there are no defects and all that. Attached is a picture of the colour tone that I'm looking for.
Please help me out, really urgent!
Thank you soo much in advance!

my email address:
Size 38/7
brand new or preloved I dont mind! jus email/contact me ya! thanks!
H/P: 016 691 9100

hi babe! :)
im looking for this black chanel inspired bag. Preferably less than RM 50, brand new, ready stock
pic credited to tictactoe
xx, Chloe

Friday, June 26, 2009


Does any other blogshop sells this bag as the 1 I ordered from has ran out of stock.

I hope to get it before term starts. Budget no more than rm50 as that was the price I got from the previous shop.


. s . n . o . w .

Hey, I'm looking for this dress.
It's blue in color in this picture but would prefer black or purple.

Preferable price would be RM40 & below.
Pre-loved would be fine too. As long as in good condition.
Do email me at
Thanks alot. (:

hey ladies,im looking for the following skirt thats comes along with a black top as shown in the picture,if any of you has it,please do not hesitate to contact me at ,thanks,:)

p/s: i only want the same design,NO SIMILAR please,thanks :D

looking for these items:
both shoes from ablinc.

black booties yellow
size38/7 black peep toe booties like
yellow foxy vixen like picture 2 size 38/7

and white dress from bunch of wildflowers
*pictures credit to ablinc and bunchofwildflowers.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

looking for this boyfriend shirt!

Y6295 GREY

Prefer to have it longer and looser :) white colour only

mail me at!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


can u email me if u happen to find a blogshop with a white clincher that looks something like this?
thanks very much!

hey :)

tank top

i would like to find long tank tops like this one from MNG. the straps must be thin, not rather fat types :) as long as it's exactly like the ones from MNG. in colors like black, white, red, grey and blue please :D price must be rm15 with postage! don't mind reselling (but if it's worn many times that obviously price must be lower hehe), as long as its in good condition and 95% like the MNG types! ;D oh, and must fit a UK4-6 nicely.

if anyone has it, please email me at!

thank you so much!

Hey there :)
I'm looking for little miss tees :) brand new only.

Monday, June 22, 2009

hi dear,

SOS! i need a monotone wristlet, nice enough for dinner and not OTT for a casual day like these in the pics.


Prefer in any other color besides black (to go with LBD), under RM40.00, preloved or new.

may email me at :

hi babe, can u help me find this shrug top? im looking for it either in black, grey or beige. shud fit uk8. budget around rm30. thanks a lot babe! :)

nadyaclumzzy at yahoo dot com
(pic credits to lj user jadedqueen)

hey there,

i am looking for original Alice crocs in Ruby Red, size 10

the price should not exceed rm85



alia (

Hey there :)
At the moment, i'm looking for these items.
1. Pumps (any colour, preferably  black, size vincci 6/7)
2. Boho/gypsy skirts (size xs/s, but must be long as i'm rather tall )
3. Any tshirts (statement tees, graphic tees, size xs/s)
4. cardigans. (any colour )
5. the items in the pics :) (pic credits to pumpkin)

DSC_1275-1 DSC_1301-1
I don't mind if it's brand new or preloved.